jstanier Here be dragons.


We expect those who lead us to be strong. They should be approachable and authoritative and they should have the answers we need to both technical and personal problems. I think that this assumption is true of school, where the relationship is with a teacher, and in work, where the relationship is with your boss or mentor.

Here’s the rub: sometimes that’s really hard. Life has an undercurrent of flux and change which swells beneath the surface of all of us; yes, that could even be your boss, or your boss’s boss. Even global leaders can’t escape the unexpected highs and lows of life; in fact, they often have to work through the worst in the public eye, which I can’t even imagine dealing with. All of us are affected by both the happy and the sad, the miraculous and the tragic, and the exciting and mundane. Nobody is an angel.

We should be thankful to be around positive and engaging people, because it’s not that they are immune from the waves; they have just learned to surf.